How Slots Work

The old slot machines that you work in the casinos mechanical in the sense that if the rollers to rotate the roles of brakes after the move by pulling the lever and then adjusted sensors have stopped activates the wheels registers the images, appearing after the attack and the payout is determined when you meet a requirement of line images. That’s how it all began. Today, you will find that there are computer that runs the show. You simply click a button, the reels to spin and stop all that are determined by the computer. If you play at an online casino, there are the same mechanisms that are at work. But how does this computer know how to determine the spins and the machines are completely random? I will try more in depth how the online slot machines really explain.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

This is the main feature and probably the most important part of any slot machine. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is what determines the images to be displayed and if you win or not. This begins immediately after you start rotating the drum, and it spits out random numbers between 0 and up to several million, and more than 500 per second (!). These numbers are then used to calculate, to stop what image on the rollers, where and as you say, if you win or not.

Although this as something that is predetermined, and that this does not sound to be quite random, take the online casinos pride in knowing that their system is reliable and fair. Therefore, there Gaming Control Board, which are designed to test the fairness of online casinos and their RNGs. These RNGs are used not only in slot machines online, but also all other games of chance.

What is the RNG used?

The heart and soul of an online slot machine is the RNG, but the number is to be used for something, and that is, to determine the positioning of the rollers. The way this is done is that the random number (s) that are generated divided by a predetermined number, typically a number such as 16, 32, 64, 64, etc. Let us use for this example.

When the first random number then is 45 633, we divide it by 64, which gives us with a remainder of 1 713 It is this residue that is used to determine the positioning of the roller which is predetermined to a number between 0 and be 63, for a total of 64 possible positions for each role. If you want to use more or fewer positions, simply use a higher or lower number for the divider.

That’s pretty much what it is. Off course there are complex parts that bind all this, but it’s just the same electronics. In any other electronic device that can be used to connect your Xbox TV, for example, As the profits and payment calculations are probably of more interest to readers.