Prism Casino Review

The Prism Casino is a shining example of a friendly US casino that accepts US players, usually without any hassle at all. It was easy to sign up, easy to store, and easy resources from our Prism resign.

Upon entry, we found that these American gaming option shone with all the colors of the rainbow. They had more games than we (over 100) to count, and they have the Real Time Gaming software, which is what we feel guys and girls here on Rick’s Picks the best gaming software of 2013 ran.
Prism Casino Bonuses

The bonuses you are to get on the Prism Casino so well known is that the people on the dark side of the moon will be recognized as superior. Grab a fat stack of cash with the KRACHER bonus that gives you a whopping $ 100 real money coupons.
Prism deposits and withdrawals

The deposit methods at Prism tends to be a little longer than the other casinos we saw to take us. American credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa were almost always allowed, but withdraw payments for 15 days on average lasted a little.
Prism Software Review

Running on the Software Real Time Gaming (RTG), Prism Casino is looking like a million bucks. The games shine as bright as all the colors of the rainbow a prism and the digital sound makes you feel like you are sitting on the Las Vegas Strip.
Write a Customer

The slight delay was more than the superior customer service that we received from the staff compensated Prism Casino. They were polite, courteous, and best of all she spoke almost perfect English. Remember, the Prism Casino is licensed in Costa Rica, but it is only for reproduction of Americans United in the States.