Steps to Online Gambling In Pennsylvania State Welcome

The Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee held a hearing March 19, 2015 at the Philadelphia Harrah’s Casino and Racetrack, where casino executives testified to get online gambling in the state. So far, the neighboring states are New Jersey and Delaware are already seeing positive development from allowing online gambling.

Executive Vice President of Caesars Entertainment Group, Jan Jones Blackhurst, flew to the hearing from Las Vegas to their overview of the idea to give. She was quoted as saying: “The reality today is that internet gambling is that in all 50 states, almost all of them illegally It is an environment that is ripe for fraud and criminal activity, and it does not provide tax revenue. “.

Currently, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey allowed gambling online and it seems to work in a positive way. If Pennsylvania were to legalize online gambling, it would give the participants a safe gambling practices by government regulation and the protection of consumers from fraudulent online practices.

Black Hurst continued the Committee that online gambling is here to stay, whether or not they are regulated by the state, and that the state of the legalization and standardization of practice in order to gain profit tax dollars to inform. She also stated that she is not alone and wants to create a safer environment than allow offshore casinos.

State Representative John Payne, a Republican from Hershey, Pennsylvania HB-649 put on the table last February. Payne, chairman of the Gaming Oversight Committee is to help the job, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to use the opportunity to discover to accept the idea of online gambling in the state.

You would be able, whatever games they decided to take to regulate interactive keno, poker and fantasy sports betting. Everything is on the table at this time, and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is the possibility of making online gambling in the very near future.

A study by H2 Gambling Capital in 2014 carried out, said that Pennsylvania could bring in $ 300 million a year by online gambling. This revenue, about $ 42,000,000 would tax revenues for the state.

The hearing was to view the current casino owners give their contribution instead of on the subject. One of the main concerns was the owner of Pennsylvania’s current twelve casinos how to keep underage gambling and how to integrate one security measures, there would be no gap in the information security of online gambling customer.

Overall, the current casino owners were favorable to the idea that online gambling is becoming a reality, and they believe that it will benefit a great impact on the amount of revenue the State to benefit by legalizing the practice. The proportion of people who would have facilitated access to their would be greatly increased.

The Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee has some further hearings set in the oncoming months, including meetings with gaming regulators from other states and with Pennsylvania State Police before further progress can be achieved.