Welcome Bonus and up bonuses

The first type is the welcome bonus. This is sometimes known as a bonus for new players or the sign up bonus, and it is to find the most popular type of online casino bonus. The average altitude is 100 , so look carefully at the fine print when you. This type of online casino bonus offered for a larger sum In many cases, it would be downwardly in increments of $ 100 per month, and a sum not be broken. In most cases, this type of online casino bonuses as a percentage or game bonuses shared

The percentage bonuses vary depending on the amount of the deposit and are usually between 50% and 500%. A bonus of 100% as a match bonus, and it is essentially an even money bonus. For every dollar you deposit, it will be an additional matching dollars in cash bonus. If the casino advertises 50% online casino bonus, then it means that for every dollar you deposit, they will correspond with only 50 cents. If they advertise a 300% online casino bonus then you deposit a dollar, and they will add three dollars.
Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is set so you can keep reloading your account and keep gambling. It is quite similar to a Welcome Bonus and is often 100% up to $ 100 for free money.
No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a form of online casino bonus which is not required to deposit anything. Only money to your account, usually at the opening to create an incentive for you to start using them. Most no deposit bonuses are around ten dollars.
Preferred Deposit Bonuses

Preferred deposit bonuses are a form of online casino bonus which shall be deposited, if you use the Casino preferred form of electronic payments to deposit money into your account. Some casinos have reasons why they do not get their money into another form, so that they offer automatically added to your deposit if you use their preferred payment method from 5% to 15%. Remember, though, that if a casino states that their Preferred Deposit Bonus up to $ 3000, that does not mean that you would be getting 15% deposit by $ 3,000, but its upper limit of 15% online casino Bonus is $ 3,000. To receive this bonus, you would need to deposit $ 20,000.
Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are for players who have been with the casino for a long time and have achieved various levels of management. The higher your VIP level, the more this type of online casino bonuses that you are likely to receive and the larger are the percentages.
High Roller

High Roller Bonuses are for larger deposit players. This type of online casino bonus is known that exceed $ 1,000 and may take the form of a 50% bonus, which would mean that filed for $ 2,000, you can receive an additional $ 1,000 would come.